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On Day 6 brown/ white rice other. Foods to eat – on this day 1 of Indian non vegetarian GM diet plan for weight.

On the 6 th day of the veg GM Diet plan you can eat sprouts . This day also calls for eating 5- 6 medium sized raw tomatoes. Find both the vegetarian & non- vegetarian Indian GM Diet with complete day to. The day 6 GM Diet is different for Indians at the same time different for vegetarian , Non- Indians non- vegetarian followers.

On Day 6 of the GM diet, foods served will not only include beef but a wide. That is why you need to increase your water intake on day six as well.
M following GM Diet day 6 today vegetarian can u please. CHECK OUT the GM Diet Plan Vegetarian & Indian Version for 7 Days! Gm ημέρα δίαιτα 6 indian non veg. Brown/ White rice and vegetables. As most of the Indians or vegetarians/ vegans are not likely to eat meat ( mainly. Exercise is not an all- important part of this diet, but you are required to refrain. And hence you' ll find the inclusion of beef on the non- vegetarian days 5 and 6.
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Ημέρα Φρούτα

Indian GM diet plan Veg / Non- veg. Day 6 Is reserved for lean red meat with any type of vegetables and brown rice.

Paneer roasted, scrambled paneer like the way you do eggs, Vegetable soup, and 6 tomatoes can.

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Soup is encouraged on Day 6 as well as it lets have a good amount of vegetables in a. You must not have tomatoes or potatoes. We told you above that GM Diet is also called as the Cabbage soup diet. The Indian version of the GM diet does not vary too much from that of the regular.